Treating erosion on your place does not need to be difficult and expensive.  Depending on what sort of erosion you are dealing with, much can be done with rock, hay and some willing helpers.  You can learn more about some practical ways of dealing with erosion on your farm by watching Margie Fitzpatrick, one of our Rivers of Carbon landholders, talk about the different techniques she has used on her place.  We have also produced a free ‘Treating a small erosion headcut with rock flume’ guide that you can download and share with others, just scroll down the page and follow the link to access the guide.

 Treating a small erosion headcut with rock flume


These photos are explained in detail in the rock flume guide below.  We always advise that if you are unsure about whether or not your erosion can be treated with these more simple engineering approaches, you seek expert advice.  Your Local Land Services agency is a good place to start, or if you are part of our Rivers of Carbon program, ask Lori, Haydn, Antia or Mary when they are out on your farm and can provide on-site advice.

Treating a small erosion headcut with rock flume – download free pdf

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