Let’s work together to increase on-farm resilience.

Rivers of Carbon has been working with landholders for 15 years to manage riparian areas for improved water quality, stock health and sustainable farm management in Southeast NSW.

Our projects offer a range of site-level incentives to help landholders plant native vegetation, fence out stock, organise alternative stock water points, and build small-scale erosion control to rehabilitate the land.

The Sydney Source Water project, funded by WaterNSW, looks specifically at managing stock around waterways for overall catchment quality.

To date, we have:

✔️ Worked closely with 161 landholders
✔️  Planted 112,400+ new trees
✔️  Fenced 158km+ of waterways from livestock
✔️  Protected and restored 1,331ha of riparian land

See our work with the Gibson family on their property Tirranna

We want to hear from you

Our Source Water Linkages Program is looking to partner with landholders that manage livestock. If your property is within the select regions, please contact our Program Manager Lori to discuss how we can work together.

For more information, please download the program brochure.

Lori Gould
Program Manager
Phone: 0439 030 058

If you prefer, you can complete the form below and we will give you a call:

    "Working with Rivers of Carbon has helped us lift the biodiversity, shade and groundcover along the bank and adjacent area. We are also looking to protect the bank from erosion. This is part of an overall decision to undertake regenerative agriculture on the farm.”

    - Nagy and Margaret Sorial

    "Water quality has improved hugely since undertaking erosion control works.”

    - Andrew Chiswell

    "Incentives through Rivers of Carbon let us begin to realise our plans of responsible land management, and helped our neighbours do the same.”

    - Kevin Woods

    "The Rivers of Carbon project funding helped to make stock management so much easier, avoiding stock getting stressed during mustering.”

    - Henry Bell

    Rivers of Carbon - Source Water Linkages Program funded by WaterNSW