Rivers of Carbon –
Burra Banks Bush and Biodiversity

“Berra” meaning Boomerang

We are honoured to work on the ancestral lands of the Ngunawal and Ngarigo People and we recognise their continuing connection with, and knowledge about land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures; and Elders past, present and emerging.

Adapted from: Welcome to Country & Acknowledgement of Country – Creative Spirits
River Dreaming image (right). Artist: Richie Allen (Ngunnawal/Kamilaroi), Traditional Aboriginal Owners Corporation.

A few of the happy faces and groups who joined us at our RoC Burra: National Tree Day

“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.”

– David Bower

Why Burra?

Rivers of Carbon – Burra Banks, Bush and Biodiversity is working with landholders to fence out waterways, revegetate riparian areas, undertake strategic erosion control works to improve water quality, and link wildlife habitat. The Burra region is a focus area for Rivers of Carbon as it has been identified as a stressed catchment in Local Land Services planning documents, with high erosion hazards in some areas, but with good, albeit fragmented, biodiversity in others.

Riparian zones in the project area provide the opportunity to create intact biodiverse corridors between the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserves that are currently disconnected. By connecting the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserve areas, riparian restoration works will also address erosion problems, thereby improving water quality for downstream users. Further benefits will accrue with carbon sequestration enhanced through the protection of existing remnant vegetation and revegetation.

On-ground works incentives provided through Rivers of Carbon Burra, will enable landholders to undertake works addressing identified problems in the area. The project is part of other community awareness-raising activities focusing on soil erosion, biodiversity and birds (for example,a focal species the Scarlet Robin), by targeting those landholders who have properties adjoining, or near the Tinderry and Namadgi Nature Reserves Rivers of Carbon Burra is seeking to connect.

Our partners for this project are the Molonglo Catchment Group, Greening Australia and South East Local Land Services.

Burra Project Area

Click on the map to enlarge. Source: Angela Calliess, Greening Australia

Project Timeline:

August 2016 - August 2019

Outcomes achieved so far:

10 landholders involved

Working across 10 sites

5.6kms of riparian area fenced

45ha of riparian area protected

Planting of 5,260 plants

2 activities, 500+ people engaged

Get Involved:

This project is now completed, but we are always looking for more landholders to work with us so give Lori or Ben a call to get your name on our register for future opportunities.

Ben Hanrahan, Greening Australia:
📞0491 221 157

Lori Gould, RoC Program Manager:
📞0439 030 058

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