Yass River Restoration Walk with Dreamtime Connections

By Kate McKenna

Banner photo: Aaron Chatfield from Dreamtime Connections preparing bush-tucker for the group to try.
Credit: Phoebe Watkins Photography

On Sunday the 21st of May 2023, Rivers of Carbon held a workshop in Yass to help landowners understand more about the restoration of waterways in their region and learn more about traditional uses of native plants.

The group braved the drizzly, cold conditions to enjoy a cultural walk along the Yass River’s banks, followed by a hot coffee to warm up! We then heard from a range of river restoration experts, and tried some bush-tucker. It was a fantastic day hearing about how local landowners can support restoring the Yass River.

Please enjoy browsing through photos from the workshop below (thank you to Phoebe Watkins Photography for capturing the day)


Rivers of Carbon — Yass River Linkages Project

The Yass River is valued by the many people who live by it, who sit on its banks fishing or enjoying the birds and watch the river flow past, and who use its water as part of their daily living. The Yass River is critical to the region as a water supply for urban areas, agriculture, wildlife and recreation. Yass River Linkages is an ongoing project that supports and extends the efforts of the Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups and others, who are committed to bringing the Yass River ‘back to life’. The project offer incentives to landholders with properties with waterways for fencing, revegetation, invasive weed and willow control, erosion control and alternative water for stock access.

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Yass River where the Riverside Camp is situated. Photo Aaron Chatfield

The Rivers of Carbon – Yass project is supported by the Australian River Restoration Centre, through funding from the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program.