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Browse information-packed resources on managing riparian areas for improved water quality, stock health and sustainable farm management.

If you’re not sure where to start try our Managing Stock Around Waterways Guide, jam-packed with information to support landholders with livestock, or our Stream Condition Checklist, an easy-to-use checklist to assess the health of the waterway you might be interested in looking after.

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    Rivers of Carbon Pollinators OG

    Guide: Promoting our Pollinators

    Learn about methods of pollination, notable and lesser known pollinating species, and how you can promote pollination on your own property.

    Plantings were closely matched to micro-climatic conditions of the site Credit Antia Brademann sml

    Trading carbon

    Understanding Australia's national carbon credit system, and what it means for you.

    Hand collecting (1)

    Seed collecting guide

    9 important steps for landholders when collecting and caring for seed from Australian native plants.

    Threatened Species - Orchid

    Threatened plant species guide

    Learn about threatened plant species in this list prepared by the Australian National Botanic Gardens

    Scottsdale Riverflat planting Antia Brademann sml

    Native revegetation species list

    A list of the best species for revegetating following on-ground works such as weed removal, fencing out and bank stabilisation.

    Platypus in an aquarium in Tasmania, Australia

    What platypus need to thrive

    Read 6 fabulous facts about platypus and their reliance on riparian real estate.

    River corridor burnt right to edge with sedimentation smothering instream habitat credit ABrademann-OG

    Respecting river diversity

    A technical guide on the forms and features that make Australian rivers so diverse.

    RoC-Stream-Condition-Checklist Cover

    Stream Condition Checklist

    This checklist is an easy-to-use way of working out the health of the waterway.


    Rapid Assessment of Riparian Condition

    An assessment tool to assess the ecological condition of riparian habitats using indicators that reflect natural function.


    Habitat makes fish happen

    A collection of stories on the relationship between healthy flows, healthy fish and healthy communities.