Rivers of Carbon works with landholders to protect and restore land along waterways by planting new trees and creating fences. Our team also produces helpful online guides, articles and resources for a range of audiences.

Worked closely with 161 landholders
Planted 112,434 new trees
Fenced 158 kms of our waterways
Protecting and restoring 1,331 ha of riparian land

We pay our respects to the traditional Aboriginal people of this country, and acknowledge Aboriginal people, past, present and emerging, as the original natural resources managers of this land.

Image: River Dreaming image. Artist: Richie Allen (Ngunnawal/Kamilaroi), Traditional Aboriginal Owners Corporation.

Location of current projects

View the map below to see where our current projects are located. If you are within these areas please get in touch.

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If your property is within an existing project and you are interested in working with us, please get in touch!

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    What landholders are saying


    “Our motivation and expectation is to lift the biodiversity, shade and groundcover along the bank and adjacent area. We are also looking to protect the bank from erosion. This is part of an overall decision to undertake regenerative agriculture on the farm.”

    – Margaret


    “We are just custodians of this land, and whoever is on it has a responsibility to look after it as best they can.”

    – Angus