Restoring our Rivers ‘after the fire’ – New Homes for Fish

When rivers are so heavily affected by fire, there are short, medium and long term impacts to consider, which influence management decisions along the road to recovery, especially when trying to protect native fish and other iconic species like the Rakali and Platypus. The Upper Murrumbidgee River is home to one of the last remaining natural (not stocked) populations of Macquarie perch – an endangered native fish found nowhere else in the world. A large focus of bushfire recovery has been to assist this species.

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The Rivers of Carbon Program

From all of us at Rivers of Carbon we welcome you to our website so you can find out more about what we do and how you might like to get involved.

Our Program empowers people to act in response to climate change by restoring their streams to boost biodiversity, sequester carbon and promote wellbeing. Respecting Aboriginal wisdom, we provide people with the confidence to take responsibility for, and become custodians of every soak, reed bed, ephemeral stream and waterway on their property. By recognising river management as more than just a technical issue, RoC uses common sense to translate science into practical on-ground action.  Most importantly, it values relationships with people, so that together we work as a community and share what we know with others.  We hope you enjoy exploring our website and encourage you to stay in touch.

Our Projects

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“There has been an incredible transformation in some sections of the stream from a willow clogged, stagnant mess, to a stunning looking natural Australian river system, complete with large complex wood debris, fantastic riparian vegetation, pools, riffles, cobble beds, fringing and submerged aquatic vegetation, ideal habitat for all manner of native fish.”

– Luke Pearce, Department of Primary Industries

Aboriginal knowledge and connections

We pay our respects to the traditional Aboriginal people of this country, and acknowledge Aboriginal people, past, present and emerging, as the original natural resources managers of this land. Aboriginal communities have a spiritual and customary living relationship with water in all its forms, through creation stories, use of water as a resource, and knowledge about sharing and conserving water. At Rivers of Carbon, we try to develop strong and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal people so that we can share our knowledge, combine our strengths, and together, care for the land and water that sustains us.

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Rivers of Carbon is the on-ground component of the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC), a not-for-profit organisation that believes rivers and people need each other to thrive.

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