Rivers of Carbon –
Breadalbane District River Linkages

Ngunawal Country

We are honoured to work on the ancestral lands of the Ngunawal People and we recognise their continuing connection with, and knowledge about land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging.

Adapted from: Welcome to Country & Acknowledgement of Country – Creative Spirits
River Dreaming image (right). Artist: Richie Allen (Ngunnawal/Kamilaroi), Traditional Aboriginal Owners Corporation.

Having a close look at chain of ponds systems, wetlands and streams across the Breadalbane Region

“When we paddle along a river we become part of the river, we feel the currents of air and water, we see nature close-up, and we experience a connection that nourishes well-being and fosters action.”

– Author Unknown

Why Breadalbane?

Rivers of Carbon – Breadalbane has been developed in response to a community identified need to address loss of biodiversity, fragmentation of remnant vegetation and sedimentation of waterways in the District. We focus on win:win outcomes, so that landholders can be financially supported in their restoration activities, while also sequestering carbon, creating terrestrial habitat for endangered species, improving water quality, stabilising sediment and boosting in-stream productivity.

Breadalbane is a focus area as a result of the high level of interest the local community has expressed to undertake a variety of riparian restoration works; particularly fencing and revegetation for soil stability, stock management and biodiversity. There are also a number of important wetlands within the project area that riparian restoration works would benefit by reducing sediment, improving vegetation structure and creating biodiversity linkages.

The project will be carried out in partnership with Upper Lachlan Landcare, Greening Australia, landholders, Local Land Services, and the broader community.

Breadalbane Project Area

Source: Angela Calliess, Greening Australia

Project Timeline:

August 2016 - Oct 2019

Outcomes achieved so far:

7 landholders involved

Working across 8 sites

45ha of riparian area fenced

21ha of riparian area protected and 44ha revegetated

Riparian planting of 4,300 plants and 2,000 direct seeding

1 erosion control site

2 activities, 200+ people engaged

Project Updates:

Get Involved:

This project is now completed, but we are always looking for more landholders to work with us. You may fit into one of our other project regions so take a look at Rivers of Carbon Source Water Linkages and Rivers of Carbon Goulburn to see if you may be eligible. You can also contact Lucy or Lori for a chat.

Lucy Wenger, Greening Australia:
📞0439 030 059

Lori Gould, RoC Program Manager:
📞0439 030 058

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