There has been a lot of press in Australia focusing on the possible release of the carp herpes virus as a way of managing the large populations of carp living in Australia’s waterways.  However, it is unlikely that the virus will be released anytime soon, and we need to start to think differently about this freshwater fish and consider lots of different management options.

Carp recipe bookWhat if Australians started eating carp?  The fish is extensively farmed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for food, and is one of the most eaten fish internationally.  In 2012 the then Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (now Local Land Services) produced a carp recipe book following a carp cooking competition that selected 30 of the top dishes to be featured.  This cookbook is freely available and you can download it with the compliments of all of us keen to get people eating carp.

Download the cookbook here.

To help you even more, we have produced the video above with our resident carp chef, Luke Pearce from NSW DPI Fisheries.  Please share your carp recipes with us, maybe we can get a second volume of carp recipes out into the community for all to enjoy!

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