May 2015 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Farmers helping to save the Southern Pygmy Perch

    Farmers helping to save threatened fish Department of Primary Industries (DPI) staff have successfully relocated hundreds of Southern Pygmy Perch from Blakney Creek, just north of Yass, into two suitable farm dam habitats to create safe refuges for the threatened fish.  Recent surveys by DPI and the University of Canberra confirmed that the pest fish […]

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  • What is ‘blue carbon’ and why is it so important?

    Blue carbon is the carbon stored and sequestered in coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests, seagrass meadows or intertidal saltmarshes. These valuable ecosystems hold vast carbon reservoirs; they sequester atmospheric CO2 through primary production, and then deposit it in their sediments. In fact, most blue carbon is found in the soils or sediments beneath the vegetation. […]

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  • Upgrading Casuarina Sands fishway so it is still effective in low flows

    Barriers to fish passage such as dams, weirs and road crossings are a key threatening process to native freshwater fish. Fish need to move for many reasons including to breed, maintain population diversity, access refuge areas during drought and to re-establish following disturbances. The ACT has a number of barriers to fish passage and four of them have […]

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