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Please find the following products available for free download as PDF copies. If you find them useful, please share them amongst your networks.

Swampy Meadows and Wetlands Fact Sheet

In the face of a changing climate, one that is expected to bring increased extremes in weather patterns, the swampy meadow is a gem when it comes to bringing resilience to the waterways, farms and wildlife of this dry old continent.

    Headcut Fact Sheet

    Treating erosion on your place does not need to be difficult and expensive. This guide explains in detail how to treat a small erosion headcut with rock flume.

      Revegetation Species List

      We thought it would be useful to bring together the species we have found to be the best for revegetation following on-ground works such as weed removal, fencing out and bank stabilisation.

        Technical Guide: What is a River of Carbon?

        What is biodiverse carbon, where is it found, and how does it relate to river management? This technical guide explores our understanding of one of the most abundant elements in the universe and why it’s important to our biodiversity.

          Stream Condition Checklist

          There are many rivers, streams or creeks that need our help. This checklist is an easy-to-use way of working out the health of the waterway you might be interested in looking after.

            Rivers of Carbon – Rivers of Life

            This edition of RipRap focuses on the multiple benefit ts that can be gained from river and riparian restoration. It provides the science of carbon in rivers and the opportunities carbon farming and carbon credits present us for promoting ongoing conservation efforts.

              Habitat Makes Fish Happen

              The stories in this RipRap demonstrate the depth of knowledge and effort going into understanding our native fish, and how we can create opportunities for them to thrive.

                Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition

                Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition for the southern tablelands of New South Wales – this is a more technical assessment tool that does require someone with a more detailed ecosytem knowledge of riparian areas. There is training available for groups of 5 people or more at a small cost of $25 per head. If you are interested in some training get in touch with us.

                  More resources at the Australian River Restoration Centre

                  The Rivers of Carbon program is run by the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC), a not-for-profit organisation that believes rivers and people need each other to thrive. We have a range of dedicated resources and products on the ARRC website that support the work we do, feel free to view these using the links below: