‘Mess it up and slow it down’ workshop presentations

Our Goulburn Community Conversation that explored why we want to mess up the riparian zone and slow water down, was very successful, and we have had a lot of interest from people unable to get to the event who want to know more about it.  Fortunately, our roving  film producer Richard videoed all the presentations, and we have brought them together here so you can attend the workshop ‘virtually’.  We have organised the videos so they are in the order we presented them on the day, with the first one providing an overview of the event.  We hope you enjoy our ‘virtual workshop’, and please share this page with anyone you think might be interested.  If you don’t feel like watching the videos, we have prepared a summary of the day called ‘a great RoC gig in Goulburn’ that you can link to here.

Rivers of Carbon – ‘Mess it up and slow it down’ overview

Siwan Lovett introduces the workshop and shares the ‘smarts and hearts’ underpinning Rivers of Carbon, and the importance of great conversations.

Alfie Walker welcomes us to country and shares local Aboriginal river and wetland stories from the Goulburn region.

Siwan Lovett defines what a river of carbon is and outlines the goals for the program, the partners involved, and the motivations that drive the Rivers of Carbon team.

Matt Herring discusses why ‘messy is best’ for wildlife on-the-ground and in-the-river, and provides insights into how we can boost biodiversity at local and regional scales.

Ian Rutherfurd talks about how when we ‘neaten’ and ‘tidy our rivers,  we reduce their complexity and prevent them from thriving, both in the stream and along the riverbank.

Margie Fitzpatrick shares the work she has done on her place with many different techniques and approaches used to make make mess and slow water as it moves across the landscape.

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