We were fortunate to have a stunning day for our Rivers of Carbon Feeling Fishy event in Yass. Local Ngunawal Elder Wally Bell welcomed us to country and talked about our shared responsibility to care and respect the Yass Gorge and the many wonderful plants and animals it has within it.

Aaron Chatfield from Greening Australia gave us an insight, and a taste, of bush tucker, with the Bulbine Lily ‘potato chip’ a crowd favourite.

Luke Pearce gave a great talk about our native fish, from the tiny Southern Pygmy Perch through to the mighty Murray cod, and discussed the habitat we need to be creating to ensure their survival. A carp cooking demonstration left people surprised by how yummy smoked carp pate and carp thai burgers can be, with Luke’s son Lachlan an excellent waiter.

Platypus, turtles and waterbugs were explored with Woo O’Reilly and Bruno Ferronato who took us on an interesting journey into the life and homes of these special animals. We had ‘toothless’ the Eastern Long-necked Freshwater Turtle along for the day, and he proved to be a star attraction for all present.

‘Toothless’, the Eastern Long-necked Freshwater Turtle.

We ended our day with a walk up the Yass Gorge with tour guides Ross Webster and Ryl Parker pointing out the vast amount of work volunteers have undertaken to weed, replant and nourish this special place right in the heart of Yass. Rivers of Carbon is supporting these efforts with a new project up near the weir in Yass Gorge. Here we are working with Wally to weed and replant an area known as the ‘Old Blacks Camp’ which is a place of significance for the Ngunawal.

It was a great day and one that served to boost the spirits of all who came along to share the wonders our rivers provide when we value, care and connect with them!