Designing and creating waterway crossings on rural blocks and farms

In this webinar, soil expert Peter Fogarty talks us through the different kinds of waterway crossings and considerations to make when planning and constructing.

Learn about:

  • the pros and cons of culverts, natural crossings and bed level crossings
  • why bed level crossings are the most preferred contemporary method
  • the biological and physical characteristics to consider when planning for a crossing
  • best practice when constructing a crossing, and some of the legislative and regulatory considerations to account for
  • specific regulatory framework for waterway crossings in the ACT (presented by ACT Senior Director, Su Wild-River)

The webinar features lots of photos and references online guides to help you recognise the “do’s and don’ts” of waterway crossings.

Guest Speakers

Peter Fogarty
Professional Soil Scientist,
NSW Soil Knowledge Network

Joined by:

Wally Bell
Ngunnawal Elder

Ashley Bolton
Soil Conservation Service

Su Wild-River
Environmental Protection Authority (ACT)

This webinar is supported by the ACT Government and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.