Stock and Waterways


Lori Gould
Program Manager,
Rivers of Carbon

Siwan Lovett
Managing Director,
Australian River Restoration Centre

Managing stock around waterways is the number one priority for anyone wanting to protect water quality and restore their creeks, streams and rivers. At Rivers of Carbon we focus most of our work with landholders on helping them to manage their stock within the context of their overall property plan, so that waterways can provide multiple benefits for agriculture and the environment.

In this webinar our Rivers of Carbon Program Manager, Lori Gould, covers all the practical considerations of managing stock around waterways, including everything from fencing, installation of alternative stock water, stock crossings, revegetation and control of pest plants.

This webinar is based on the popular and practical ‘Stock and Waterways Guide’ produced by the Australian River Restoration Centre in partnership with Water New South Wales. This guide has been written to help New South Wales farmers manage stock and waterways for productivity and environmental benefits.

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Lots of poo, urine, disease and degradation – why we need to get stock out of our rivers

Research conducted in England has shown that cattle standing in water ‘pooed’ five times more than their average defecation frequency. Given how much warmer it is in Australia, we suspect cows with access to streams spend even more time in streams, creeks and dams than they do in England. It seems cows enjoy standing in water and relaxing, for hours at a time – which means a lot of poo and urine going into the water.

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