• Buffers, Sponges and Moderators – Goulburn Film Roadshow

    Lachlandcare invites you to the Goulburn screening of Buffers, Sponges & Moderators: Managing swampy meadows, wetlands and chain of ponds. Join us for an evening show and conversation – refreshments will be provided!

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  • A film about managing swampy meadows

    Read our event recap, watch the new short film and learn all about the buffering, sponging and moderating functions wetlands and swampy meadows provide across our landscapes.

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  • Upcoming 2-Day Workshop

    Join us for a practical, accessible, inspirational and fun workshop on stakeholder engagement and effective communication. Learn our favourite group collaboration tips, techniques and tools and apply them to communications projects you’re working on.

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  • Burra Erosion Community Conversation

    Join us for a conversation about managing erosion in the Burra region with a special guest and soil scientist specialising in Hydrogeological Landscape Mapping, Wayne Cook. The Rivers of Carbon team will also take you to a couple of sites where we will discuss the geology and hydrology of the Burra region.

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