• RipRap 40 – Thrive: Nature, water and wellbeing

    This edition of RipRap is a celebration of the amazing amount of work and capacity we are developing in managing water for the environment.  We are leading the world in our efforts to protect and restore the riverine ecosystems upon which we depend.

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  • Would you like to join Rivers of Carbon?

    Rivers of Carbon is a ‘people program’ that builds on years of scientific research into how river and riparian zones function, combined with landholder experience and practical management solutions. We work with landholders who want to protect and restore rivers, creeks, billabongs and wetlands on their property, so that multiple benefits can be gained for both the environment and on-farm productivity.

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  • RoC Community Conversation: Upper Murrumbidgee beds, banks and Maccas

    The Upper Murrumbidgee River has stunning gorges, waterfalls and stretches of river, as well as being home to some special fish. We have been connecting the Bredbo and Colinton Gorges to create habitat for fish by working with landholders in the Bumbalong Valley to fence, weed, stabilise riverbanks and revegetate with native plants.

    Watch the field day video and read about the results of our work with passionate locals and scientists to help the Macca Perch survive and thrive.

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  • The Five Ps: Our RoC River Management Framework

    We take a closer look at how Rivers of Carbon does this by using a deceptively simple, but highly effective framework called the Five Ps. Siwan Lovett from ARRC introduces the framework with a short video.

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