• Mess it up and slow it down – Part 2

    Following such a great response to our ‘Mess it up and slow it down’ workshop in Goulburn last October, we are delighted for the Rivers of Carbon community to be invited to ‘Australind’ for Part 2.

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  • Why do we want to mess it up and slow it down?

    Our Goulburn Community Conversation that explored why we want to mess up the riparian zone and slow water down, was very successful, and we have had a lot of interest from people unable to attend to the event who want to know more about it.  Fortunately, our roving  film producer Richard videoed all the presentations, and we have brought them together here so you can attend the workshop ‘virtually’.

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  • Boosting Biodiversity in Breadalbane
    – A Community Conversation

    Come along and join us as we bring scientists and practitioners together to talk about what we value about the Breadalbane region, and the special plants and animals that live in the ponds, wetlands and streams of the area.

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  • RipRap 39: Habitat Makes Fish Happen

    Featuring stories about the knowledge and effort going into understanding our native fish, and how we can create opportunities for them to thrive. Science and practice is brought together in this informative and beautiful 70 page edition.

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