Managing erosion for multiple benefits

In this webinar, erosion expert Lori Gould and animal health expert Kyeelee Driver discuss how to manage erosion to improve productivity, river and animal health on your place.  They discuss practical ways you can address erosion using hay, rock and other ‘soft’ engineering approaches, as well as talking about the situations where you might need soil conservation and engineering advice.

The webinar shows lots of photos helping you to identify the processes causing erosion and the treatments you can use to address it.  Kyeelee provides compelling information about the impacts of sediment and runoff on water quality, and the negative consequences this can have for stock productivity and health.

Guest Speakers

Lori Gould
Program Manager
Rivers of Carbon

Kyeelee Driver
Animal Biosecurity and Health,
ACT Government

Field Day

When: Saturday 5th June, 10.30am-12.30pm

Over two hours on the 5th of June we will discuss different types of farm erosion and cost effective remediation options; how fencing and revegetating helps stabilise erosion and improve water quality; and the knock-on benefits of this work to stock health, farm biodiversity, landscape connectivity and farm profitability. The field day will also include a session on the importance of maintaining healthy stock water and signs of stock diseases to watch out for due to poor water quality. We will be focusing on how managing erosion can gain multiple benefits like increasing native biodiversity (birds, bees, smalll mammals, reptiles) providing opportunities for strategic grazing and improving stock welfare through shade, shelter and improved water quality.

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This webinar is supported by the ACT Government and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.