Working with landholders to
protect and restore Australian rivers

Welcome from the 24th International Riversymposium!

Who we are

Rivers of Carbon works closely with landholders to protect and restore their rivers, streams and wetlands so that the people, plants and animals that call these riparian areas “home”, can thrive. Looking after our riparian areas is important for:

  • biodiversity
  • preventing erosion
  • improving water quality
  • combating changing climate

Rivers of Carbon is the on-ground component of the Australian River Restoration Centre.

aboriginal knowledge symbol

We pay our respects to the traditional Aboriginal people of this country, and acknowledge Aboriginal people, past, present and emerging, as the original natural resources managers of this land.

What we do

Our team supports landholders across 11 projects by securing funding to help:

  • plant trees
  • fence off stock
  • build small-scale erosion control
  • alternative stock watering point
  • rehabilitate the habitat

By doing this we enable landholders to achieve production and biodiversity goals.

Volunteers planting native tube stock along new fencing on a property outside Goulburn (Photo credit: Lori Gould)
Rivers of Carbon director, Lori Gould, describes revegetation activities to a group of landholders on a field day in Crookwell, NSW (Photo credit: Mikayla Hyland-Wood)

The Rivers of Carbon (RoC) approach helps bring together biophysical, social and cultural knowledge for long-term waterway sustainability. We believe this comes from relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. Once these relationships are in place then great things can happen… together.

What we’ve achieved

We’re excited to see the impact our past and current projects in the ACT and NSW have on the rivers, land and people who call them “home”.

Aside from supporting our on-ground projects, our team also works to produce helpful online guides, articles and resources for a range of audiences. Visit the Wongajong Storymap to see what we have achieved on one of our properties.

Worked with 190 landholders
Planted over 80,000 new trees
Fenced 250kms of our waterways
Protecting and restoring 1,100 ha of riparian land

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    Or contact:

    Lori Gould
    Rivers of Carbon Program Manager
    Phone: +61 439 030 058

    Rivers of Carbon is the on-ground component of the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC), a not-for-profit organisation that believes rivers and people need each other to thrive.

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