Riparian Real Estate for Wildlife

Date: 20th November, 11.00am-12.00pm


Lucy Wenger
Program Officer,
Greening Australia &
RoC Goulburn

Ian Rayner
Senior Program Officer,
Greening Australia

Lori Gould
Program Manager,
Rivers of Carbon

Join us for a webinar that will look at our rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands through the potential ‘home buyer eyes’ of our wildlife, including, sugar gliders, micro-bats, birds, platypus and rakali. Lucy Wenger and Ian Rayner from Greening Australia, along with Lori Gould from Rivers of Carbon, will discuss how we can care for our riparian areas so that we provide ‘real estate’ for the wildlife and biodiversity we want to protect and sustain for future generations.

Ian will also provide the latest update on a project called ‘Habitat Hollows’, which is part of the Wall to Wollondilly project that is working with landholders and researchers to restore critical habitat for our endangered wildlife.

Please join us for an hour of looking under logs, in hollows, under ledges and in riverbanks as we explore ‘Riparian Real Estate’.

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