Kate Cranney, from the University of Melbourne, has combined science, art and storytelling in her series, ‘Drawn to Science’.

Kate’s column – ‘drawn to science’ – marries all things artistic, ecological and anecdotal. In each edition, she interviews  a post-graduate research scientist from the University of Melbourne and pairs this with a detailed drawing of the student’s study subject: from birds and bees to saltbushes and pepper trees.

This is such a clever way of sharing science and people’s passion for their research story.  I really enjoyed looking through Kate’s stories and encourage you to visit her site.

Kate Cranney – Drawn to science


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From Dbytes #206

Banner Image: Pixabay.com. (2019). Free Image on Pixabay – Pepper Tree, Berries, Pepper, Bush. [online] Available at: https://pixabay.com/photos/pepper-tree-berries-pepper-bush-1079214/