RipRap 34, 35, 36 and 37 now available as previews, pdfs and Apps

We appreciate that people like to get their information in lots of different ways, so we have now released RipRap with a preview so you can read the theme, peruse the contents and see which great authors we have writing for each edition.  You can also download RipRap as an easy to access pdf.  Please have a look at our new RipRap pages and revisit what we have produced so far as I am sure these previews and pdfs will whet your appetite for more.  We are also really happy for you to let others know by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter and other ‘share icons’ at the bottom of each page.

RipRap 37: Rivers of Carbon – Rivers of Life
RipRap 36: Celebrating Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre
Edition 35: Restoring Rivers and Wetlands to Life
Edition 34: Bringing Back Native Fish