Kevin Warburton Freshwater Research News collaborates with ARRC

Kevin Warburton from Charles Sturt University produces a fabulous newsletter summarizing freshwater research news across a range of key journals.  Kevin provides a short summary of each journal article and then the full link to the paper.  We are delighted that Kevin is collaborating with the ARRC so we can share his work further.  Recent research updates include the following:

Slim pickings in safe areas – Prey species typically make use of refuge habitats to reduce the risk of predator attack.  Although refuges offer clear survival advantages to prey, they’re not necessarily the best places to find food.  How big a problem is this?

Identifying species at risk from climate change – Which aquatic species are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change?

Fish can swim much better than we thought – fish motivation, physiological capacity and behavioural performance are important factors when understanding swimming performance.

Waterways as drug couriers – A wide range of pharmaceutical compounds have been detected in freshwater systems, what are the implications of this for our aquatic ecosystems?

Economic development, stream ecology and human well-being – Economic systems are embedded in social systems, which are in turn embedded in ecological systems.  For this reason, integrated, multidisciplinary approaches can be helpful when assessing the impacts of economic development.