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  • What the world needs now is more swamps

    Swamps are some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems on earth, and play an important role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. At Rivers of Carbon we have been talking about swamps and wetlands as “Buffers, sponges and moderators” because they play an important role in moderating flows, preventing flooding downstream and storing water during […]

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  • Wetlands five times more efficient at reducing nitrate than the best land-based conservation practices….

    We came across this interesting article that adds further weight to the value of wetlands in our agricultural and urban environments… The agricultural regions of the U.S. Midwest have a problem with excess nitrate from crop fertiliser making its way into rivers and streams through subsurface drainage channels and agricultural ditches.  High nitrate concentrations in waterways are harmful […]

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  • Climate scientists unlock the secrets of blue carbon

    Results from a new analysis of 1,900 soil cores collected around the United States could bolster efforts to monitor and protect wetlands around the globe. Tidal wetlands come in many forms, but they could be more alike below the surface than anyone realised. Whether it’s a mangrove forest in Florida, a freshwater swamp in Virginia […]

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