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  • Five Things About Long-Term Monitoring

    Professor David Lindenmayer wrote this excellent article for  the latest edition of ‘Decision Point’, thank you to David Salt, editor of Decision Point for allowing us to share it here. Effective long-term environmental monitoring is difficult and challenging; it requires good design, careful review, long-term commitment, and often gets overlooked when resources are handed out […]

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  • Climate extremes impact fruit and nectar production… with consequences for the birds and mammals that depend on them

    The impacts of climate change on species are well-recognised and, in many cases, already happening. These impacts include shifts in species’ distributions and changes in productivity. These changes in productivity can be driven by longer growing seasons in mid to high latitudes, in response to increasing temperatures. Climate change however, is more than a shift […]

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  • Latest Decision Point Newsletter explores all things ‘offsets’

    The August edition of the excellent newsletter Decision Point, edited by my friend David Salt, is taking  a critical look at biodiversity offsets – their pros, cons, strengths and weaknesses. Decision Point is the newsletter of the Environmental Decisions Group that contains some of the world’s leading researchers in the field of biodiversity offsets.  This edition provides […]

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