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  • Bee informed: Quick pollination facts about our most important pollinators

    Great article from Corey Bradshaw’s excellent blog ‘Conservation Bytes’ If bees were to disappear, humans will disappear within a few years. Albert Einstein I find it interesting that so much is said about bees (including here on this blog), yet many of the ‘facts’ that one hears mentioned in any variety of news sources, public […]

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  • ‘Biowealth’ – a leap forward for biodiversity appreciation

    Corey Bradshaw proposes this idea called ‘biowealth’ that I came across while exploring his excellent blog conservation bytes. Here is an excerpt from his blog with the link to find out more… Let’s face it, ‘biodiversity’ is a slippery and abstract concept for most people. Hell, even most ecologists have a hard time describing what […]

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  • Calculating carbon stocks: the value of carbon in boreal forest soils and peat

    This post is from Corey Bradshaw’s ‘Conservation Bytes’, published 23rd Feb 2015. Many consider forests as the ‘lungs’ of the planet – the idea that trees and other plants take up carbon and produce oxygen (the carbon and oxygen cycles). If we are to be fair though, the oceans store about 93% of the Earth’s […]

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