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  • Streamside forests top the scales for carbon storage

    Restoring forests is an important strategy for climate change management, and in recent years we have seen a global effort working towards forest restoration.  The carbon storage potential of forests, particularly streamside forests, is often overlooked.  In November 2018, however, researchers released findings following an intensive compilation and analysis of carbon storage data from 117 reports, […]

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  • Climate scientists unlock the secrets of blue carbon

    Results from a new analysis of 1,900 soil cores collected around the United States could bolster efforts to monitor and protect wetlands around the globe. Tidal wetlands come in many forms, but they could be more alike below the surface than anyone realised. Whether it’s a mangrove forest in Florida, a freshwater swamp in Virginia […]

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  • Putting a price tag on biodiversity

    Biodiversity in dollars and cents? Although the ecological benefits of biodiversity are well documented, those benefits have rarely been expressed in dollars and cents. A team of economists and ecologists, including University of Illinois professor of environmental economics Amy Ando, have developed one of the first models to assign a dollar value to the loss […]

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