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  • Willows, weeds and waterways – Field Day 28th October, Bredbo, New South Wales

    Keeping our waterways free of weeds along with protecting and enhancing vegetation all helps promote a landscape that is healthy, diverse and resilient. The use of herbicides around waterways and other sensitive areas requires extra care and planning in order to achieve a good outcome. Landholders are invited to come along to a field day […]

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  • Scottsdale Community Planting

    Here is another opportunity for you to help us create fabulous biodiverse riparian zones!   This is a wonderful chance to get involved in the first Greening Australia planting of the year, at a site overlooking the Murrumbidgee River where we are creating habitat for endangered fish such as the Macquarie perch and Trout cod. […]

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  • Tagged carp in Upper Murrumbidgee

    Rivers of Carbon is a project working not only on riverbanks, but also instream.  As a partner in the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach we are supporting efforts to understand more about carp behaviour and optimal management measures.  31 tagged carp have been released into the upper Murrumbidgee River at Scottsdale (near Bredbo) and Murrells Crossing […]

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