Great start to Rivers of Carbon

As we put in our Progress Report on our first nine months, we are feeling excited about the six landholders who have worked with us to complete the application, assessment and agreement process.  We have another eight in the ‘pipeline’, and a waiting list which is a brilliant result.

We will feature more details about the sites over the next six months, but we are mindful about ensuring that the landholders we work with are comfortable about the details we share with others.  I can confirm, however, that streams and rivers in the Yass, Crookwell, Michelago and Boorowa area are part of our project.

We have also been building up our communication resources, and will soon be releasing our first Technical Guideline entitled ‘What is a River of Carbon?’.  We felt it was important to answer this question for landholders in more depth than is provided in the introductory fact sheet.  The Guideline covers the Carbon Farming Initiative, Kyoto Protocol and other policy developments that have led to the establishment of projects specifically designed to encourage landholders to look at ‘farming carbon’ as part of their business enterprise.

We also expect to be much more active on our website and social media, as we have more to tell and share about what is happening ‘on the ground’ and ‘along the river’.  We are going to be sourcing information about carbon, river Nfl and biodiversity from across the internet to bring you an easy to read summary Sheet day by day of the latest carbon news.

We look forward to sharing these exciting developments with you in the near future.

Siwan and Lori