Submit your registration of interest for the Upper Lachlan Catchment Protection Program

The Upper Lachlan Catchment Protection Program, being run by South East LLS with funding is available to landholders for erosion works in targeted areas of the Upper Lachlan. Further details on the program are included on the attached program flyer below.

The Program

South East Local Land Services recognises that there are land managers within the Upper Lachlan Catchment are confronted with significant erosion issues in drainage lines, creeks and rivers. This program will aim to support Upper Lachlan Catchment land managers rehabilitate severe and extreme gully erosion both in drainage lines and named water courses within the designated area.

Activities eligible for funding include:

  • Fencing to manage stock access and protect sensitive areas
  • Erosion control works such as; gully control structures, flumes and rock ramps to repair degraded sites
  • Alternate water infrastructure where stock water access has been restricted as a result of proposed activities.
  • Mulching and revegetation of eroded and protected areas

ROI’s close on 20 April 2018.

Applicants will also need to submit photos of their erosion site(s), a copy of their council rates notice and details of the number and depth of any headcuts. More details below: