Overview of Government statement on greenhouse emissions

David Salt, Editor of the excellent Dbytes e-newsletter provided an overview of responses to the Govenment’s statement on greenhouse emissions. He says:

I don’t normally include responses to Government announcements on environmental policy but it’s interesting in this instance to see the near simultaneous release of a range of responses to the Government’s pronouncement from a range of interest groups (climate, business, conservation, energy, mining).

I agree with David and the following responses to the statement make for interesting reading and highlight how far we are from a consensus view on how best to deal with climate change.

The PM and Ministers Julie Bishop and Greg Hunt said Australia will reduce greenhouse emissions to 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030. [Full Text]
ClimateWorks said that target was feasible because Australia’s potential to cost-effectively reduce emissions was much greater. [Full Text]

The Climate Institute said that target fails climate and competitiveness tests. [Full Text]

The IGCC (Investor Group on Climate Change) said it is concerned that that target will not deliver the certainty that investors are looking for. [Full Text]

The Climate Council said targets announced by the Government are out of step with the science and the rest of the world. [Full Text]

The ESAA said the target of a 26% cut in emissions by 2030 was a credible starting point that needed to be backed by a credible policy platform. [Full Text]

The FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) welcomed the Government’s commitment to explore opportunities to improve the efficiency of vehicles as part of the National Energy Productivity Plan. [Full Text]

The Minerals Council said the Government’s emissions target is an ambitious goal that recognises that Australia has a responsibility to contribute to a genuinely global effort. [Full Text]

The ACF (Australian Conservation Industry) said the post-2020 target is weak and will not protect the systems that support life. [Full Text]

The Business Council said achieving the emissions reduction target will be a challenge for all Australians. [Full Text]

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