International Riversymposium – Abstracts focusing on “Healthy Rivers – Healthy Economies”

The overarching theme for the 2015 International Riversymposium “Healthy Rivers – Healthy Economies” is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the multitude of businesses and organisations who contribute to and benefit from the wise management of rivers and their catchments. The themes and topics of the 2015 International Riversymposium will encourage knowledge sharing and debate, and seek to find solutions for a better future.  As the Rivers of Carbon projects are focusing on how to gain both environmental and productive benefits, this conference theme is directly related to what we do.  More details are below and abstracts are due on the 20th of April 2015.

Theme 1: Economic benefits of healthy rivers
(the value and function of river systems in economic development and prosperity)

  1. River transport
  2. Ports and harbours
  3. Sports and recreation
  4. Tourism
  5. Fisheries
  6. Irrigation
  7. Forestry
  8. Mining
  9. Business innovation

Theme 2: Sustainable development of healthy, working river systems
(designing, planning, governing and managing for sustainable development of river systems)

  1. Communities and sustainable development
  2. Environmental flows
  3. Hydropower development
  4. Maintaining ecosystem services
  5. Sustainable institutions and governance
  6. Moving into the Sustainability Development Goals

Theme 3: Restoring rivers and their multiple values
(restoring river system functional and ecosystem services)

  1. Multiple benefits of river restoration
  2. Urban river restoration and planning river cities
  3. Public health benefits of healthy rivers, wetlands and ‘blue space’

Theme 4: Protecting river systems and adapting to change
(managing for change resiliently)

  1. Market-based approaches to water scarcity
  2. Floods, droughts and extreme events
  3. Tropical rivers
  4. River and wetland protection
  5. Risk, insurance and disaster management

 Theme 5: Integrating the management of river basins
(managing competing values and risks to finite resources through integrated river basin management)

  1. Managing large river basins and transboundary issues
  2. Indigenous water rights and voice
  3. Interdisciplinarity, inclusivity and integration
  4. Communities and citizen science

 More information on Abstract and Poster Submissions