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  • Encouraging research shows small habitat patches crucial to species survival

    Small, local patches of bushland and vegetation are more important than we previously thought. A global study was published in late 2018 that looked at the conservation values of vegetation patches in 27 countries, including Australia, and found that small vegetation patches play an important role in biodiversity conservation. “Compared to large and well connected habitat areas, […]

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  • Cows relaxing in the river leads to more poo….

    Temperature driven pooing: In a paper entitled ‘Temperature-driven river utilisation and preferential defecation by cattle in an English chalk stream‘  by Trevor Alan Bond, David Sear and Mary Edwards, the finding is shared that cattle standing in water ‘pooed’ five times more that the average defacation frequency.  I suspect given how hot it gets here in […]

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  • Is local seed always best?

    Conventional wisdom would suggest that locally collected seed is the gold standard for habitat restoration. But is local native provenance always the best option? Restoration ecologist Neil Davidson investigates. The remaining woodland in the Midlands of Tasmania is highly fragmented. Less than 10% still stands in some regions, so suitable populations for seed collection are […]

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