April 2019 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Welcome to our Yass Gorge: insight into Yass’ natural treasure

    Welcome to Our Yass Gorge by Geoff Robertson and Ryl Parker provides a terrific introduction to this special part of our region. Yass Gorge, stretching from Flat Rock Crossing to the Yass Dam wall, is a wonderful natural treasure in the middle of Yass and an ideal place to visit and learn about the geology, […]

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  • Streamside forests top the scales for carbon storage

    Restoring forests is an important strategy for climate change management, and in recent years we have seen a global effort working towards forest restoration.  The carbon storage potential of forests, particularly streamside forests, is often overlooked.  In November 2018, however, researchers released findings following an intensive compilation and analysis of carbon storage data from 117 reports, […]

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