May 2017 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Collector Pumpkin Festival – a great day out

    Mary and I had a lovely day at the Collector Pumpkin Festival, speaking with locals and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine.  We thought you might enjoy looking at the world through ‘pumpkin coloured glasses’.  The photo above is of our ‘Scary Crow’ entry of ‘Raving River Girl’ – thanks to Gigi and Heidi for helping me […]

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  • Communicating climate change: Focus on the framing, not just the facts

    This post is written by the impressive  Rose Hendricks  and taken directly from The Conversation appearing on the 6th of March we happens to be my birthday!  We have reproduced it here as we feel it encapsulates so much of what we try to do in Rivers of Carbon by making science accessible, relevant and meaningful to […]

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  • Spot the scientist! Veg surveys underway in the Murray-Darling Basin in challenging conditions

    Surveys have commenced across the Murray-Darling Basin for the Vegetation Theme in the Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research project  (MDB EWKR). A variety of wetland and floodplain habitats are being surveyed over autumn, including woodlands, shrublands and wetlands. Wetland and floodplain plants are critical components of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, supplying energy […]

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