August 2016 - Rivers of Carbon

  • 2016 Riverprize Finalists Announced

    Three outstanding finalists from Spain and the United States are in the running for the 2016 Theiss International Riverprize. A big congratulations goes to the teams working in the Segura (Spain), Elwha (USA) and Niagara (USA) Rivers! The initiatives that have helped these teams reach the final stage are incredible. We thought that we would […]

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  • Michael Leunig’s take on greenhouse gases and taking personal responsibility for our…. ‘actions’

    I love Michael Leunig’s take on the world, and recently added the Michael Leunig Appreciation Page to my Facebook feed.  I had to add this wonderful one about ‘greenhouse gas’ to our Rivers of Carbon blog, as we talk so much about climate change and I though this one was a gem.  Others from the […]

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  • Buffering the bumps – the benefits of riparian zones in floods

    Water is not the enemy, it is water velocity (speed) that causes the damage.  Australian rivers are meant to be rough and bumpy and riparian vegetation can provide protection from flood impacts along with individual and cumulative benefits to landholders up and down stream.  Healthy, intact riparian zones are great for fish, and often the task […]

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