September 2015 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Novel use of underwater video for research

    What is going on underwater?  It is always good to look at what is happening around Australia and our Tropical colleagues are coming up with innovative ways to look at above and below the water line. TropWATER is using video applications across a wide range of projects to develop an understanding of tropical freshwater, estuarine […]

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  • Wetlands support threatened species

    Image of Yellow Water, Kakadu National Park, Photo by S. Stuart-Smith.   Wetlands are important for supporting threatened species. Australia’s wetlands are home to a diverse range of species, including plants, birds, fish, frogs, reptiles and mammals. Many of these species rely on wetlands for their survival, especially during important life cycles stages such as […]

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  • Overview of Government statement on greenhouse emissions

    David Salt, Editor of the excellent Dbytes e-newsletter provided an overview of responses to the Govenment’s statement on greenhouse emissions. He says: I don’t normally include responses to Government announcements on environmental policy but it’s interesting in this instance to see the near simultaneous release of a range of responses to the Government’s pronouncement from […]

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