August 2015 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Combining science, art and storytelling

    Kate Cranney, from the University of Melbourne, has combined science, art and storytelling in her series, ‘Drawn to Science’. Kate’s column – ‘drawn to science’ – marries all things artistic, ecological and anecdotal. In each edition, she interviews  a post-graduate research scientist from the University of Melbourne and pairs this with a detailed drawing of […]

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  • Latest Decision Point Newsletter explores all things ‘offsets’

    The August edition of the excellent newsletter Decision Point, edited by my friend David Salt, is taking  a critical look at biodiversity offsets – their pros, cons, strengths and weaknesses. Decision Point is the newsletter of the Environmental Decisions Group that contains some of the world’s leading researchers in the field of biodiversity offsets.  This edition provides […]

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  • Connections are the key to conservation

    Rivers of carbon is a project that focuses on connecting riparian vegetation, as we know that this creates a micro-climate along the river corridor that protects and restores biodiversity.  New research is showing just how important these connections are as Anna Salleh from ABC Science reports. “A new tool could help environmental agencies work out […]

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