December 2014 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Trees on farms – part of our low carbon, sustainable future

    Rowan Reid,  founder of the Master Tree Growers program has written this excellent overview of the importance of trees on farms for a sustainable and profitable future.  The article is taken directly from his website which has a lot of practical advice and insights. Climate change is real – temperatures have increased by around 1oC […]

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  • Algal carbon in rivers – a key driver of food webs

    Rivers support a diverse range of living creatures that interact within a dynamic food web. Understanding the relative roles of different forms of carbon along river systems has important implications for how rivers respond to catchment and riparian degradation.  Research by Dr Wade Hadwen and his colleagues discovered that it is the algae that grows […]

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  • Saving the Southern Pygmy Perch

    Team effort to halt falling numbers of this once common fish. The Southern Pygmy Perch was once a common sight in the rivers and streams of South East Australia but since European settlement, its population has dwindled. The ‘Pygmy Perch in the Pudman’ project is now helping this attractive little fish to mount a comeback. […]

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