September 2014 - Rivers of Carbon

  • Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Watering Strategy released for comment

    Basin-wide environmental watering strategy

    Congratulations to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority team and many others throughout the Basin community, for getting the Environmental Watering Strategy released for comment.  Having been personally involved in this process it is a real achievement to reach the point where the Strategy is available for comment.  Please take the time to have a look at the document and provide […]

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  • Climate and Water Outlook Videos – monthly updates

    Climate and Water Outlook Video

    The Bureau now produces a Climate and Water Outlook video every month. The four-minute video covers potential El Niño developments and seasonal outlooks for rainfall, streamflow and temperature across Australia for the next three months. By integrating climate and water information into a short monthly video, we provide a big picture overview of environmental conditions across Australia […]

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